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Fundamentals of Caribbean Constitutional Law

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Book Description

Fundamentals of Caribbean Constitutional Law is an essential resource for all students of Caribbean public law, identifying the key features of the constitutions in the now twelve independent states and six overseas territories in the Anglophone Caribbean. In this Work the authors review the development of constitutional law in this region and articulate and discuss the foundational concepts associated with Anglophone Caribbean constitutions.

Fundamentals of Caribbean Constitutional Law addresses the key principles of constitutional law through analysis of contemporary; debates and cases in the Caribbean; draws on a wide range of sources covering the decisions of the courts that serve the region; clarifies contradictory and inconsistent approaches to constitutional interpretation; provides an authoritative source of what the law is that can be used and cited by both students and practitioners; deals with contemporary questions in constitutional law such as judicial independence in small developing countries, the Caribbean Community and the supremacy of national constitutions, the rule of law, the Caribbean Court of Justice and the Caribbean Community, and the impact of globalisation and internationalisation on constitutional reform in the Caribbean.

Essential reading for all students engaged in studying for the LLB, a mixed law degree or LLM in the Caribbean, and those who trained as lawyers or did the LLB degree outside the Caribbean who are qualifying to practice law in the Caribbean. The book is also a useful reference for legal practitioners throughout the Commonwealth.