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Caribbean Sign Language for Dentistry

Caribbean Sign Language for Dentistry

A Guide to Communicating with Deaf Patients for Dental Practitioners
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No Of Pages : 57
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Book Description

Caribbean Sign Language for Dentistry assumes that the reader has at least basic competence in a Caribbean sign language. The book has three main sections and focuses on signing in the dental domain.  The first section, Deaf Culture, highlights Deaf norms and values that differ from those of the hearing culture so that healthcare professionals understand the perspectives of their Deaf patients. This is important since most persons learn sign language outside of the context of the culture from which it comes. Knowing a language and its associated culture helps the language learner to attain fluency. Users of this book should read Section 1 first then move to either of the other two sections. In Section 2, Communicative Grammar, key grammatical structures common to Caribbean sign languages are explained. The language structures outlined in this section will be needed when interacting with Deaf patients. Mastering these structures will lead to intermediate competence in a Caribbean sign language. Section 3, Movie, can be viewed in its entirety or by scenes. Each scene focuses on different aspects of patient management and includes an introduction listing the important vocabulary. Working through this section provides an opportunity to build receptive skills by working on comprehension while looking at the movie. Incorporating the language structures demonstrated in the movie into one’s own signing can strengthen expressive skills. Together, the three sections provide Caribbean sign language learners with a contextual environment with which to acquire the language for dental purposes.